Wake: NYC Times Square

“Wake” Sculpture by Mel Chin Created in Collaboration with UNC Asheville — Opens in New York’s Times Square

UNC Online | July 19, 2018 | By Communications

Designed, engineered, sculpted and fabricated in UNC Asheville’s STEAM Studio, Mel Chin’s Wake sculptural installation was officially unveiled in New York City’s Times Square at a public and media event on July 11, 2018.

UNC Asheville students and faculty from mechatronics engineering, art, and other disciplines began working in August with Chin, the conceptual artist was the university’s Black Mountain College Legacy Fellow in fall semester 2017. Work on the project continued into July when the sculpture was trucked in many pieces from Asheville to New York City. The STEAM Studio team worked round the clock in shifts from July 8 until early morning on July 11 to complete installation of Wake.

Wake is paired with Unmoored, a mixed reality work presenting a digital vision of a future Times Square after many years of sea level rise. Chin takes on the 19th century origins of celebrity and marketing, our changing relationship with nature, and the 21st century ability to project an audience deep into the future through technology. Read the full story.

Wake Comes to Life

Visiting Artists & Collaborators

In addition to UNCA students, faculty and staff, an incredible group of artists and fabricators lent their talents to the realization of Wake. We are incredibly grateful for their work and for the time they shared with our team and our students. Several of the lead artists and fabricators are highlighted below.

Sandra Sell

Sandra Sell took lead on the assemblage and carving of Jenny’s skirt. Using chainsaws and grinders, Sell expertly crafted the folds. She worked with Sculpture student Jeb Hedgecock to translate the digital model of the skirt into the real thing.

Nina Nichols

Nina Nichols created and executed the paint plan for the entire piece making newly processed wood and fiberglass look like it had weathered a century and a half on the ocean floor. Nichols also taught our students and staff how to work with foam, fiberglass, and resin to create Jenny’s bodice, arms, and head.

Justin Turcotte

Justin Turcotte supported all fabrication efforts, including the intricate I-Beam base for the ship. He worked with UNCA faculty Jordan Krutsch to fabricate the rib structures. His expertise in forming and welding steel in addition to moving it around a jobsite safely was instrumental in the fabrication and installation.

Charles Tucker

Charles Tucker brought an incredible crew of folks with him from Ohio in the final weeks ahead of the installation. He and his crew jumped in and took charge of the rib carving and handrail fabrication. Their work was critical for getting the piece finished in time.

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