Post Bac Fellowship

STEAM Studio offers a 1 year Post-Bac Fellowship. The objective of the fellowship is to facilitate in-depth study and exploration while supporting the Studio’s day to day operations, and student learning. The fellow works for STEAM 20 hours per week. The rest of the Fellows time is spent working on their own work using the tools and equipment at STEAM Studio.


Current and Past Fellows

Ethan Schultz (2022)

After graduating from Ohio University with a BFA in sculpture and performance art, I
found my joy and drive as a maker comes from designing thought provoking materials and
experiences which invite others to actively participate in creative processes while opening
channels for experiential learning and dialog. I create open-ended “toys/tools” which encourage
deeper investigation by empowering individuals to use them as a pallet to explore themes. Over
the past five years I’ve been working with children's museums, Waldorf, and Montessori schools
developing a collection of art and play-based curriculum which fosters the growth of
developmental skill sets for k-6th grade. With my time at STEAM Studio it is my goal to create a
systemized toolkit which contains a wide variety of educational materials and games inspired by
STEAM based learning. I’m calling these toolkits “Discovery Trunks” which I’m excited to share
with schools I work with into the future. My hope is that Discovery Trunks will encourage young
makers and indulge curious minds.

Lin Elkins (2021)

Lin is an industrial designer and craftswoman. After graduating from Appalachian State, through both product and furniture, her work explores the themes of purposeful functionality, playfulness, and art. Lin strives to create socially and environmentally conscious goods that help foster healthy, sustainable, and full lives. She’s looking forward to her time at STEAM to explore new disciplines, machinery, and techniques to expand her skill sets and work. She also is excited about working with students and STEAM Studio members to teach and help others through community projects. You can learn more about her and her work as well as follow her journey on her website and her Instagram @linelkinsdesign

Konrad Sanders (2020)

Konrad is a woodworker, carpenter and handyman who graduated from UNC Asheville in 2019 with a double major in Art and Management. His love of creative exploration brought him back to UNCA’s STEAM Studio in 2020 to explore how our everyday environments influence both our physical and mental wellbeing. He believes that we each possess the potential to transform the lives of those around us and as creators it is our task to build and sculpt environments that support our happy and harmonious human nature. If you are interested in contacting Konrad please feel free to reach out to him through his email or you can check out his instagram @konradgsanders

Chas Llewelyn (2019)

Chas Llewellyn is a maker with experience in design, coding, sculpture, machining, metal fabrication and robotics. He graduated from UNCA in 2011, with a bachelors in Multimedia Arts and Sciences. Before starting at STEAM, he has worked in industry, designing and building animatronic sculptures -including extensive work on Imagine Exhibitions’ ‘Dinosaurs in Motion’, developed software for education and manufacturing, and operated as an independent artist, working in furniture, architectural metals, kinetic sculpture and installation work including a series of responsive and electronic exhibits for the Moog Music company