Community Impact

STEAM Studio engages the next generations of makers, engineers, artists and entrepreneurs through service-learning and collaboration with community partners, i.e. K-12 schools. We also encourage the creation of cross-generational maker groups/courses to promote STEAM and innovation.

We witness a multitude of impacts with countless products developed right here that benefit our community and communities at large. This includes a manifestation of beauty through craftsmanship and materials, including making better public art.

We serve as a convening space for collaborative learners/teachers, summer institutes, etc., and are developing a best practice model and replicable programming.

Collaboration Across Disciplines

Although many schools host what they call makerspaces, we are much more than a makerspace given our liberal arts model, equipment access and program offerings. Our interdisciplinary approach incorporates computer science, new media, engineering, art and other programs.

These spaces also provide safe studios with state-of-the-art technologies, ample access and the ability to host a complete class to create and collaborate.


A vibrant partnership with the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship at CCCD involves cross pollination with industry partners and collaborators.

The River Arts Makers Place (RAMP) building is filled with other makers and entrepreneurs. STEAM Studio is an active collaborator, involved in building-wide events. STEAM programming for the public takes form in lectures, demonstrations and open houses/exhibits. Visitors can view activity in STEAM through windows in the public hallway.

STEAM is primarily designed to support our students. Alumni, staff and faculty, who, like students, have had extensive safety training and are open to collaboration are welcomed on an invitation basis. We are working on partnerships with local makers to facilitate training and collaboration, however the studio is not a public makerspace.