STEAM is a nationally-known movement that integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math to create new technologies and solutions to modern problems. Integrating the arts into the traditional STEM model (science, technology, engineering, math) makes new technologies more developed and versatile, and allows for real-world application of art and design.


Natural innovations can occur when art and science come together, when form and function meet. At STEAM Studio we have the ability to nurture such collaboration that will manifest new solutions to real-world problems.

The spaces at STEAM Studio foster cross-disciplinary teaching, learning and collaboration with local industry partners for solutions in the design of assistive device technologies, practical product design and STEAM curriculum for K-12.

Technology is integrated into our curriculums with the use of computer-aided design, electronics, state of the art machinery and kinetics right alongside hand-working skills and craftsmanship.


UNC Asheville can attract students looking for this unique connectivity, interdisciplinary learning and collaborative project-based experiences both in the sciences and art. These spaces also establish a competitive advantage compared to other art and engineering programs out of state.

Twenty-first century technologies and computer-aided design are not always the hallmark of liberal arts institutions, but as a public liberal arts university, we find ourselves well-suited to foster and nurture interdisciplinary learning, creative problem-solving and critical thinking. We can now compete with much larger schools with similar spaces and add to our liberal arts approach to collaborative learning. We can create and collaborate safely, and host an entire class in a well-lit, safe and spacious lab/studio.

Real-World Preparation

STEAM Studio nurtures skill sets that employers want. They are seeking employees with more of an understanding of the world around them and with the ability to be creative and acknowledge that collaborative design can lead to change and innovation. We do this while focusing all of our work through a lens of critical thinking.

STEAM Studio also hosts visiting makers and scholars who work alongside our students. Our robust facility supports senior exhibitions in art and senior projects in engineering, while providing 24/7 approved access to support in-depth undergraduate research.