STEAM Studio has high standards for safety and expects all users and visitors to abide by our safety rules. Failure to follow the regulations will jeopardize access to the studio. Visitors and users must:

  • Wear safety glasses at all times in required areas. Look for signage that indicates these areas. These areas are both around machines and in common work areas where someone may start using a tool at any moment. It is really important to us that you leave with the same amount of vision you arrived with.
  • Wear closed toe and closed heel shoes. There are lots of sharp and heavy things that can fall on your feet.
  • Do not touch anything unless you have permission to do so. Some work may be sharp, have wet paint or resin, or just be delicate.

Users of the Studio must have a signed safety contract on file with Studio staff. This will happen on day one of any UNCA classes that meet at STEAM. If you are not taking a class, but would like to use the studio, please make an appointment with the Studio Tech to have a safety orientation. The appointment calendars can be found on our calendars page. Review the safety contract here.